Monday, 24 April 2017

Books Unlocked - Share the joy of Reading

April's display has been all about - if you like this book would you like to try that one ... as exams get closer and deadlines even closer the time to read for pleasure gets pinched. To prepare for calmer days ahead take advantage of the recommendations in the displays at Bedford and Luton libraries.

World Book Night is on Sunday 23 April
University of Bedfordshire doesn't have any new books to give away but these were the titles on 2017 list
Instead LRSE is hosting a Second hand book giveaway Monday 24 April at Bedford and Luton Libraries from 5pm come and get ready for calmer days.

April - World Book Night

World Book Night is Sunday 23 April 2017. LRSE will be celebrating this on Monday 24 April with a second hand book giveaway at Bedford Library and Luton Library from 5pm