Thursday, 5 November 2015

Books Unlocked

Over the next academic year in addition to the wonderful resources available to support your studies, Learning Resources will be offering some leisure reading activities. This should help you develop a lifelong habit that benefits you academically, socially and personally. You are invited to take part in the suggested themes and Learning Resources asks you to suggest future themes or activities that you would like to see. Please send your suggestions to 

Books Unlocked is a Learning Resources web page which details the upcoming book promotion events planned for Bedford Library and Luton LRC.
The National Literacy Trust say that "helpful factors in developing a love of reading, include: freedom to choose reading materials; a print-rich environment; access to a variety of texts; time for reading; encouragement to readers; and quiet, comfortable places to read"

Libraries are a fairly obvious places to offer access to books with a variety of reading environments. Open 24/7 x 365 University of Bedfordshire's Learning Resources offers a wide range of learning materials to support all courses  but there are also some fictional gems that are worth highlighting. These novels, short stories, poems and plays offer access to a leisure activity that supports your academic progress while being fun too. Borrowing library books or maybe reading a short story or a few poems in the library can rest your brain from the assignment you are currently writing but also set you up to continue after a short break.

Why not take a look?

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