Monday, 9 November 2015

Reading for Pleasure - November 2015 "Stuffocation"

While on maternity and moaning to another mum regarding the fact that I have already to move 3 boxes to the loft with baby's stuff she suggested to me to read a book called " Stuffocation " by James Wallman.

In this book the author wants to make us realise that we are not happier just by having everything we want. At the end of the day, we live in a materialistic world, where we only do bad to our planet, with our obsession of having more! What really matters is memories and not stuff. What really matters is to move to "experientialism" focus more on experiences and less on possessions.

It's a fascinating book to read and inspiring you to change habits, even your way of living. Live more with less.
Dare to say that since I have read the book, I have opened an eBay account, sold a lot of secondhand stuff through different sites, donated  many clothes to different charities and made a huge clear out.

It's a funny and easy to read book, even for a baby brain mum.

It touches a subject that we are all aware but the author has a persuasive way to make you change. Does good to your "wallet" too.

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