Monday, 1 February 2016

6 Book Challenge - The Couples

My name is Forrest Dunbar and I am currently studying English Literature on the Bedford Campus. Reading and writing has always been a main passion of mine, I could not visualise what a world would be like without fiction… Well I could, it would be unimaginatively boring and dull like the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In September, 2013, my siblings went back to school and suddenly (for a change), I had the house to myself. This was a blessing as it finally gave me a chance to write something. Firstly, I write in an unconventional way. I write about whatever enters my mind at that current time, if what I am writing seems interesting I pursue it but if I get bored quickly and I have no motivation to continue, I scrap the story and start again. When I started The Couples everything seemed to fall into place; the characters developed their own personalities, making the writing aspect for me enjoyable. When I got so far into the book that is when I stop and plan what lies ahead for the characters.
Nothing greatly inspired me for the characters; they just formed in my head. I have always been fascinated by relationships and extreme stereotypes; I particularly had great fun caricaturing the ridiculousness of extreme stereotypes, it makes good comedy.

I have future novels in mind that have inspired me from certain situations and events but there will be more to say once they materialise.

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