Monday, 22 February 2016

Books Unlocked: Snuff and Temperance

From the author
One piece of advice given to authors is to write about what they know. I am not sure I was aware of this when I created Snuff and Temperance. But I have somehow followed the suggestion anyway, consciously or otherwise. While Luton is my home town and I have lived and worked here for most of my life, it may not be the Luton that you, as a potential reader know. Even amongst fellow Lutonians, we may have shared the same space, time and oxygen but your town may look, feel and smell differently to mine. So this is not an attempt at a definitive description of living in this corner of Bedfordshire or an attempt to capture the ‘real’ Luton, whatever that may be. Rather, it is a set of fictions that I have put together over the years for my own entertainment and, hopefully if you have a read, yours too. 


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